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I created the #instagram312 project for two reasons. One, I wanted to create a hub where we could share amazing photos of Chicago. And two, I wanted to harness the power of Instagram. It’s iPhone only until the Android app comes out, but that’s supposed to be soon.

So far, the photos are amazing and we’re over 300 as of last count. Thank you to each and every one of you for your amazing submissions and for spreading the word.

As the project grows, it makes perfect sense to keep growing it. Today #instagram312. Search #instagram412 and #instagram415 to get an idea of what I’m talking about.

To contribute to #instagram312, simply tag your instagram uploads as such or go back and add that tag to any existing Chicago photo. The same rules apply for the other projects depending on the location.



Starting a tumblr has been on my short list for a long time. To be honest, my biggest concern was redundancy. Let’s see:

• I’m on Twitter

• I have a personal Facebook profile

• I have a Facebook page (please click and like me)

• I have an iPhone blog

• I’m on Foursquare (even though I’m totally over it, but understand its importance)

• I’m on SCVNGR

• I’m on Gowalla

• I’m on Instagram

• I’m on Flickr

• Not to mention, I’m the social media director at RedEye, so I’m the voice of @redeyechicago Twitter and the paper’s Facebook page.

But as a guy who lives and breathes social media, the more places people can find me, the better. So tumblr is a natural extension. And what I really lack is a personal blog that’s just generic - a personal blog that can be anything I want it to be at any time.

I look at it this way … if Twitter is a place for a super-quick bite and Facebook is a casual sit-down restaurant, tumblr is the bar where you can wait for your friends to meet you while sipping a drink and nibbling on a mix of spicy peanuts and pretzels.

So with that, I present my tumblr. I’m not 100 percent sure what it’s supposed to be, but that’s totally OK. And I invite you to interact with me. Thanks.

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