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Facebook Timeline meets my cubicle: A social media project

Moo card

I have this idea for a social media project that I think can be fun, but let me get the potentially bad news out of the way up front:

It involves snail mail.

You know these Facebook Timeline cards from Moo? (pictured above) I’d like to create a wall at my desk of cards from my friends and subscribers. An IRL Facebook wall of sorts.

I know I could ask people to email me photos of the card and that would be easier, but I think the whole thing will look much better if the cards are uniform and if they can be pinned to the wall at my desk.

So if you’d like to help create something cool, something that I’d love to photograph and share far and wide, mail just one card to:

Scott Kleinberg
Chicago Tribune
435 N. Michigan Ave. 5th Floor
Chicago, IL 60611

I’ll post them as I get them. Thanks so much for helping out. 

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